And so it’s begun

I was wondering when I would get my first negative feedback about my children and I just did this weekend. Now I know most people will only blog and FB the good stuff and in general that makes regular people feel like 1. why aren’t I that fab? Why isn’t my life that fab? Why aren’t my kids that fab? 2. Is  there something wrong with me?

I’ve noticed and well…. life isn’t always roses but I guess blogging about good things make most of us happy.

I digress, basically Ry isn’t keeping up according to her teachers at her enrichment class. Now, sigh, I know I promised the husband I would not freak out about this and I want so badly to tell the teacher to you know what… just chill okay, I don’t expect her to get As for her mandarin ever but I don’t want them to leave her behind her either. I spend between 45 to 1 hour with her every week on her mandarin and the husband does the same for her English and it’s not enough. I tried to explain that we aren’t chinese and if we did try a day of only mandarin…. let’s just say that day would be a very quiet day… a very very very quiet day. I was torn between the roaring anger in my head and the absolute sadness that my child isn’t even 5 and she’s not(according to them) doing well enough (even when her mandarin skills is already better than mine was in primary 1). I actually cried on the way home cos I felt so helpless, I really don’t know how much more I can do… tuition on top of her enrichment classes? Madness.

Rylen, bless that child, I explained that we have to try a little harder with her mandarin, especially writing. So I started with the basics, 5 new words twice a week and then I’ll test her. So I went through with her 1 to 10 in both Mandarin & English and told her I’ll test her on Wednesday and I want her to be able to spell it and write 1 to 5, mandarin, spell it out. At 6.45am, I’m bringing the dogs home from their walk and she’s at the dining table on her own, practicing her chinese. I didn’t ask, she did it on her on. Sigh, so sweet she is.

Jordan on the other hand, I tried to wake her up at 7.10am and had to force her to wake up at 7.25am again to get to school. Joy.

Every time I think I can’t possibly love my children more than I already do, I fall in love all over again. Last weekend, we look one of the wheels off Ry’s bicycle, we are hoping to upgrade her to a new 2 wheeler by her 5th birthday cos she’s nearly outgrown her old one. So she fell a few times, and then there was a harder fall, and she was a lil shocked and untangled herself and just stood there. Jordan cycled to her, asked if she was okay in her darling little voice “Jie Jie, you okay?” and then proceed to pick up her bike for her Jie JIe and peddled along. My heart, it swelled with pride and love.

Then there’s Rylen the quintessential older sister. She annoys, pushes, rushes for the biggest piece and holds things up where Jordan can’t reach. But she is also the best big sister I’ve know. I mean look, ALL big sisters are pretty awesome. I used to towel down my brother all afternoon cos he used to get such high fevers, I would protect them and standup for them but all this when I was older. When I was younger my brother C was a pain as far as I was concern, 6 years later when J was born, I kinda relished being an older sister, I finally got what it mean I guess.

Rylen got it a little sooner. She really is responsible and takes care of Jordan and extra care of her when asked. I’m usually astounded because there is really just 17 months between them. She comforts Jordan at night. Last night the husband went into their room, Jordan hates the rain and thunder, Rylen usually doesn’t mind. Jordan must have woken Ry up, she was sitting in Jordan’s bed, cos Jordan hadn’t made room in her little bitty bed, poor Rylen was sitting and falling over is how the husband saw her. Sigh. She really is the best big sister anyone could ever hope for.

I am mindful however that Rylen needs to be able to do her own thing, that she should be able to not have to bother about her sister all the time. My baby girls, I love and hate how they are growing up so fast.



80, 20

You know they say that losing weight is 80% food and 20% exercise. I feel like I should really just give up. I don’t like diets, I like love carbs, I frankly can’t be bothered with protein nor veggies, gimme, fruits and carbs and I’d be very happy. But I’m not an idiot, I try and get a balance diet with lotsa treats… now the treats are a no no. Sigh. I lost a good 3kg in Dec and then holidays and Christmas came and OMG I put it all back on by Chinese New Year. I need to buckle down but I haven’t had a good start. I only had my juice this AM and was feeling so sorry for myself, I forgot I was suppose to have my shake for lunch and got bian mian which wasn’t very good so I had half of it and then had those peanut balls with soy, oh yum. Okay, lets see if I can just keep to my beef and salad tonight.


Why Hello…

I’m trying to keep blogging but I’m tired or busy or both.

Anyway, I’m trying oil pulling. It’s day 3, I’m trying to keep this up for a week and if I can then a month. Watch it here.

Bad Momma

Jordan’s birthday is this Sunday and we’re celebrating it this Saturday and I haven’t sent out a SINGLE invite, cept for Wendy who I happened to see at my office on Saturday and I had an invite on my desk. Major fail. I think this will be the last birthday party till Ry’s 6th. I told Rylen, we’ll go to some nice hotel, chill by the pool and order lotsa ice cream and pizza and she was soooo excited, why didn’t I do the same for Jordan…. why why why…won’t I ever learn.



Jordan’s Turning 3

I’ve been a lil busy… we got rid of my second maid, her main duties were the dogs and washing the plates and the floor… she had it pretty easy and she was lazy but she helped my main helper stay sane and helped us out a LOT when Axl injured his eye and we went on holiday for a bestie’s wedding. She asked to go home a little earlier than we had planned but it saved me from feeling bad and it helps our bank account, seriously 2 maids isn’t cheap, but there’s no price for peace of mind.

Anyways, it means that we all have to chip in. The kids need to tidy up after they play and Rylen is much better at this since she’s neater by nature, she also helps to fold the clothes and washes her cup. I have to bring down the dogs every single AM, no more snoozing and even if my knees hurt, I need to bring the dogs down for their last pee break for the night plus they have some serious rash that a lot of dogs seem to be having – the itches… it equals lotsa showers and nightly creams which just adds to the TO DO LIST.

Anyway, it’s been a learning curve and plus with work, I’ve been a lil more tired than usual. So everything regarding Jordan’s party is late. If I didn’t already buy the party things online I might just not bother and go for a staycation instead, argh. But that is the plan for Ry’s birthday.

My pretty little scrumptious is turning 3 and I kinda wanna cry

A brief summary but before that MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Let’s face it, 2013 has been a much better year for me personally than 2012, if anything I took 2013 to try and get my life back in order, I got back to exercising, started spending more time on myself, I’m trying to be more focused. It hasn’t been peaches but 2012 taught be to suck it up and keep chugging along because I don’t have a choice and I did just that for most of 2013. I hope that 2014 is even better, I hope I’ll be even more enlighten and focused. I refuse to just keep chugging along, it’s time to perhaps take it to another level.

To the few who still read this blog, thank you, hope you had a fantastic Christmas and here’s wishing you hope for 2014!


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