Why Hello…

I’m trying to keep blogging but I’m tired or busy or both.

Anyway, I’m trying oil pulling. It’s day 3, I’m trying to keep this up for a week and if I can then a month. Watch it here.

Bad Momma

Jordan’s birthday is this Sunday and we’re celebrating it this Saturday and I haven’t sent out a SINGLE invite, cept for Wendy who I happened to see at my office on Saturday and I had an invite on my desk. Major fail. I think this will be the last birthday party till Ry’s 6th. I told Rylen, we’ll go to some nice hotel, chill by the pool and order lotsa ice cream and pizza and she was soooo excited, why didn’t I do the same for Jordan…. why why why…won’t I ever learn.



Jordan’s Turning 3

I’ve been a lil busy… we got rid of my second maid, her main duties were the dogs and washing the plates and the floor… she had it pretty easy and she was lazy but she helped my main helper stay sane and helped us out a LOT when Axl injured his eye and we went on holiday for a bestie’s wedding. She asked to go home a little earlier than we had planned but it saved me from feeling bad and it helps our bank account, seriously 2 maids isn’t cheap, but there’s no price for peace of mind.

Anyways, it means that we all have to chip in. The kids need to tidy up after they play and Rylen is much better at this since she’s neater by nature, she also helps to fold the clothes and washes her cup. I have to bring down the dogs every single AM, no more snoozing and even if my knees hurt, I need to bring the dogs down for their last pee break for the night plus they have some serious rash that a lot of dogs seem to be having – the itches… it equals lotsa showers and nightly creams which just adds to the TO DO LIST.

Anyway, it’s been a learning curve and plus with work, I’ve been a lil more tired than usual. So everything regarding Jordan’s party is late. If I didn’t already buy the party things online I might just not bother and go for a staycation instead, argh. But that is the plan for Ry’s birthday.

My pretty little scrumptious is turning 3 and I kinda wanna cry

A brief summary but before that MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Let’s face it, 2013 has been a much better year for me personally than 2012, if anything I took 2013 to try and get my life back in order, I got back to exercising, started spending more time on myself, I’m trying to be more focused. It hasn’t been peaches but 2012 taught be to suck it up and keep chugging along because I don’t have a choice and I did just that for most of 2013. I hope that 2014 is even better, I hope I’ll be even more enlighten and focused. I refuse to just keep chugging along, it’s time to perhaps take it to another level.

To the few who still read this blog, thank you, hope you had a fantastic Christmas and here’s wishing you hope for 2014!

My Darling Axl

One of my bitches aka good as heck friends (I call them Ma Bitches) is getting married and I was super pumped bout her wedding in Thailand and now I’m like meh. Sickening isn’t it?

I think it’s because Axl scratched his eye and it’s still not healed yet and we’re going to the specialist this Saturday (3rd vet visit) and looking at his eye, I doubt it’ll be good news. He’ll either have to use a contact bandage or go for surgery (which I’m trying to avoid cos he just had a baby tooth removed a few months back and I don’t want him to go under any time soon). It’s just worrying, especially since my proper helper is also away on home leave and with only my other helper left behind – she good for feeding them, walks and a bath but even then I make sure I bathe them at least once a month to give them a proper scrub, I worry she just won’t bother to do it right. My poor baby boy. Dude also has to be in a cone and all the time so that Stomper doesn’t play rough and scratch him by accident.

I did go for a longer walk with him this AM, I think he really appreciated it and he’s also been allowed to sleep on the bed ALL NIGHT and I think I have to make additional liver treats while I’m away because perhaps the harder treats are difficult for him to chew on with his cone. Spoilt lil dog.

I really hope he’ll be okay when we’re away :(


Losing it

It’s been pretty tough for me to lose the weight, I am now finally lighter than when I just gave birth to Jordan, seriously. It’s been really tough to drop the 2 to 3kg and keep it off. It’s ridiculous, I never thought it would be this hardcore! I mean I’ve had to really watch what I eat and that’s the hardest bit because I LOVE CARBS and FRIED ANYTHING. But seriously, lets not kid ourselves, I can’t do a fancy diet, no carbs = a really grumpy me and that won’t work with kids around. I’m also trying to eat a little better you know balanced meals with veggie etc etc, so many things to think about! I just bought a meal replacement so that on the days that I just give up and have no idea what to eat, I’ll drink.

I’m also trying to exercise twice a day. Usually it’s a 20 min walk in the morning or a 2.4km run and then session of Julian Michael’s 30 Day Shred,  I do Level 1 if I’ve done a run or gone to the gym and I’ve started L2. It’s been awhile and I’m still stuck at level 2, ahahaha, 25 mins and my shorts are wet, sweat is dripping off my face and my abs hurt. I love exercise videos because when you’re busy and the idea of a train ride and then getting into gear and blah blah blah, I mean I rather spend time with my kids. So this is good, still you need weights, mat, shoes (I tried without shoes so my floor stays clean and I hurt my ankles, oops. I also use knee guards cos my knees are rubbish). Anyway, I love her and her annoying attitude. Try it.

Some days, like yesterday, I just didn’t do anything, I was just tired from running errands during lunch (a form of exercise perhaps), I had the meal replacement drink at dinner, I know I had enough protein, veg, carbs and fiber during the day, I really wanted to do Level 2, but I was just not feeling it. So I chilled with E! and felt so good.

Today it’s gym for sure!

Funny Kids

My kids are funny and they know it. Perhaps because I was not around children much in general and tend to avoid children in the past like the plague, I had no idea that kids want to be funny and like it when you laugh with them.

Rylen does funny voices and tells strange stories which make us laugh and when we laugh she throws her head back and has this hearty laugh that … I don’t know makes me feel like I’ve been a good mother, my husband a good provider and that we’ve done something right, you know what I mean? Then Jordan, she can be so grumpy, give her a fruit and enough sleep and she goes a lil mad. Her laugh makes me laugh and always has since she was a baby, she’s been taught opposites and oh the hilarity! R went to pick her up from my Mom’s and asked her to hurry up… she looked and him and on purpose walked really slowly and a funny walk too… which of course makes anyone lah.

Sigh, funny kids growing up to fast!


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