Preconception Check-up

So I’ve always gone with the .. if it ain’t broken or ugly… just leave it alone.

However, R’s friend and his wife went and R thought it was a great idea. Now me… I think I’m perfect. Don’t get me wrong.. I mean perfect like… I don’t have genetic issues…. no direct links to cancer, my blood test have always been … well perfect, pass, good, healthy. Yes, i have asthma but I got strong and grew out of it. I have a mild case of anemia but I don’t like spinach and too much red meat but so far… I’ve been doing ok, no more giddy spells (cos I’ve been liking my lean steak! heh).

So it’s been a little over a week and I’m supposed to go back to the gyne to get my ovaries checkout again, cos one appeared to have what looks like white spots (nothing to worry about she says) and the other black *sigh* (something to worry about…hmmm) cos just be a hormonal thing since I just got off the pill. So, I’m a lil worried, I’m sure it’s something we can deal with. BUT…. my period is late. I’m not sure if I’m getting the dates right cos I haven’t had to deal with cycles etc in years or it’s cos I’m a lil stressed at work, this test thing etc.

The point… till I get my period she’s not sending me my blood test cos ‘there’s an abnormality, which she’d like to explain’. So like… you can’t tell a controlling worry wart that there’s an issue and not get me all freaked out and think that I’m gonna let things be… neither is my period gonna come any faster while I’m edgy. I am just not Zen OKAY! So I call, demand that I either speak to my doctor, who turns out isn’t there… so to placate me, the receptionist tells me it not serious it’s got something to do with Thalassemia (that’s kinda what I heard and she mispronounced it). So yeah… it sucks and I have to wait for more details but at least now I know kinda what it’s about… could I be a carrier or have a minor case which would link my mild anemia and asthma. Argh.

I get it, the test is important, I’d recommend it most… it’s just SERIOUSLY taking the beauty out of baby making.


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