3 test later….

At Phuket, the in-laws were asking R if I was pregnant and I got really pissed cos I swore I wasn’t, which meant, I was just getting fat (bloated)! So when we got back and I was about 2 weeks late I decided to just take a test while we were shopping (20th), showed it to R when we got in the car and…wait a minute… what’s that faint second line cos it wasn’t there in the loo!!

2 days later, I took it again… another faint line…. hmm… so I called the Gyne’s office (22nd) and they said it usually means you are, so come down when you can… oh… still not convinced. On the 24th I took another test, got Clear Blue, which is idiot proof … a blue + sign. Called R while he was out getting my last minute Christmas present and tada. No more booze for moi 😦

I’m guessing by the time anyone reads this we should have crossed the 1st trimester and I tell you it’s been so hard to shut up during Christmas when people keep pushing you drinks, just wanted to scream… I’m pregnant darn it, stop tempting me!!

So far, so good, all I’ve been getting are colds (nearly every morning) and I’m a lil more tired, my boobs are sore and I’m oh-so-bloated! But I did Pump class and some cardio, felt great, I think I can deal Pump till I’m about 4/5 mths and start really showing. Oh and I might regret this but NO MORNING SICKNESS…yet.

My gyne appointment is on the 31st, wish me luck…. I mean… yeah. Keeping my fingers crossed cos I’ve never been one of those ‘cup half-full’ girls.


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