Just cos I ‘fell’ pregnant……..

I need to remember that people who don’t have babies, don’t wanna have babies, hate babies… how matter how much they luv me, they don’t want updates. I need to remember that they rather hear about my furry babies than the pea growing inside me. I should know this, I used to be one of these people but I can’t freaking help it!!

So my request is… when I start rambling on about how many weeks I have to go or how much I need to pee or what my baby is looking like right now (an orange seed) just do me a favour… change the subject; talk to me about makeup, clothes, sales, eonline, dogs or cats…. cos I really don’t mean to bore you and just cos I ‘fell’ pregnant, you shouldn’t have to deal with it for more than ….say… 5 mins a week (is that fair?), cos everyone has rights. I just have baby brain and forget what that’s like.

So again, sorry life is about so much more and I know it! I don’t want to become like those Mommies so help me.

Thank you.


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