Kiss the Mommy

I must remember to give my mom a hug the next time. Thinking about it, all the symptoms you get or not get while pregnant are mostly linked to your mother correct? So I asked my mom… any morning sickness…no, stretchmarks…no *does a dance of joy* but, she rubbed herself silly with olive oil and I’m trying to marinate myself every night but sometimes I’m too tired to care. Oh I must get a Dove soap bar, yes, I like bars, they just make life easier and I especially like the Dettol ones, cos they just make me feel cleaner but I feel my skin getting dry so…

Made it to the gym again, I couldn’t stand cycling and watching people run … so I ran…slowly, made sure my heart rate was less  than 160. Only managed 2.4km in 21 minutes! That’s what a month of no running will do to you. While I was doing my bicep curls I noticed a lil bump right at my belly button, I’ve never had a bump there before… MH says it’s a tiny baby bump! Oh so cute.

I can’t wait till I start showing and men start getting off their asses and letting me sit on the train rides home!! Singaporean men in general are awful, they fight for seats … I mean, really as long as a women is in heels ….GET UP!

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