Week 7

We’re off to see the new gyne today, Dr Khi, gosh I hope I like her.

Let me whine about getting fat. Weight as anyone can see has always been an issue for me since I was 18, I’ve learnt to deal with. That being said it’s hard  to look at the scale these days and not cringe! I mean, I walk or gym every day. If I’m not at the gym, I walk my dogs for at least 30 mins, what else do I need to do to not gain weight!!?? According to some books, you shouldn’t notice any weight gain… it’s IMPOSSIBLE, have you seen my boobies! I mean, that’s like a kilo right there!

Anyways, I got this chart from a FitPregnancy and heaved a sigh of relief… I’m normal.


 Part of me just wants to eat to my hearts’ content, I mean if there’s any time to gain weight and R not eyeball me in total distaste, it’s now, but so far the hormones aren’t having it, I seem to like light, not too oily meals but carbs, still love them, can’t stand to eat too much meat and I have a thing for tomatoes and peaches right now. Things might change, cos as I recall at week 4, I had a thing for cheap ice cream, boy, I’m happy I’m over that.


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