I just ain’t Petite

If anyone has seen R’s sister she’s tiny aka petite and she’s stayed fit at 38. Now the last time I was the same size as her, I was 12 or maybe 10. So when she insisted on passing me her old maternity clothes…erm… ok, I can’t think of a worse idea. No, I won’t get all depressed, I’m just not built that way and I get that but it’s like trying to fit into baby Gap clothes when you know you’re an adult size 10! It’s just silly.

Anyways, I went to the gym yesterday and did my 30 minutes on the cross-trainer till an idiotic newbie ‘personal trainer’ who’s got the job after a days’ course on gym training comes up to me

Idiot: Hi
Me: Hi, yes? (still moving, hand on the bars measuring my heart rate)
Idiot: Smiles….
Me: Erm… ok? Yes?
Idiot: You okay?
Me: Yes, I’m going slow cos I don’t want my heart rate to get more than 160, I’m pregnant
Idiot: Oh? (looks surprised then recovers) does your doctor allow you to exercise without someone to assist you?
Me: (glances at my heart rate 168 just cos I’m pissed) Yes, I’m a trialthlete, I know what I’m doing and when I’m doing too much, so yes, she’s allowed me to exercise and my husband is nearby so, it’s not a problem.
Idiot: Oh…still stands there
Me: Yup, ok?
Idiot: Well you should be careful
Me: rittttteeee………….

Yes, I’m freaking pregnant, I’m not sick, I don’t have a disease, woman go out and work the fields while pregnant, I think I can cope with an hour of exercise 3 times a week. My mom played netball for work while she was pregnant, R’s petite sister didn’t realise she was pregnant till she was 5 months along and kept going for Body Combat classes. I mean, I am not a weakling, I just don’t want my butt to merge with my thighs while I’m carrying the baby, I mean seriously!

Note: I can’t run cos my boobies hurt too badly 😦 I really should look into the yoga classes soon, I need to stretch.


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