Week 8

So last week was the first visit with the new gyne. I’m happy to report, I like her and I like the clinic. It’s bigger, more space and seriously, I’m not the neatest person out there but the previous receptionist desk was shocking, files and papers piled up and messy… like my desk at work but 10 times worse. Plus they have a ladies loo in the clinic, no need to wait for 10 minutes to just pee in a cup.

So anyways, we’re a-ok for now…. Uterus, Waterbag, BABY!

Baby's first picture

Baby's first picture

How do I feel other than that, no morning sickness still and I guess I should be pleased but I still hate being pregnant, I don’t know how women can have more than 2 kids. I hate how after 30 mins of exercise I wanna just sit down or sleep, I hate how I have to wear a bra to sleep, I hate how my sex drive has taken a nose-dive, I hate watching R panic and stressed out cos well… he’s a worry-wort, I hate that I like doing … this (pic below)and then after snapping the shot R goes… wait a minute… you shouldn’t be jumping! Argh…. can’t, couldn’t, be careful, no, that’s good for you… I’m just not used to it *gripe*. But I KNOW deep down instead it’s gonna be worth it.
last jump this year

last jump this year

I made him do this

I made him do this


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