Week 9

Two more weeks before I get to see my baby again. I wish I had an ultrasound machine so I could check on him or her everyday.

Nothing much has changed, the boobs hurt off and on, they don’t look or feel like mine anymore. I think in about a month I’ll need one of those extensions for the jeans cos after lunch they’re rather uncomfortable. I get up to pee at least once every morning, it’s fine at 3 or 4 am but it seriously sucks when it’s at 6am and I know I can’t really go back to sleep cos my alarm is going to ring soon. Oh and I feel cold ALL THE TIME… cept maybe when I’m in the sun.

R and I are trying to decide on where to go for a short vacation this year, cos it’s gonna be the only one 😦 but we can’t spend too much because we want to get our own place blah blah blah. Wish I was going to Australia but I think it might have to be Da Nang or Chiangmai but if the weather in HK improves… woot.

Oh and I came across this useful site, exercise for pregnant woman and it has videos too, so easy I can do it at home, now I need to get my small weights back. Click


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