You had WHAT?

Someone asked why I was … if anything… slightly embarrassed about announcing that I’m with a bun in the oven. Well… first up, it’s a lil early no? That’s an excuse… the real reason is that I’m actually embarrassed to admit that me and my lawfully wedded husband have S E X. How else did we get pregnant right? So it’s kinda like going… yes, mom, dad we have sex, yes people at work we get it onnnnn, the girl doing my bikini wax… yes, I got lucky that night in Phuket, when I was totally stress free, happy, tan and nicely tipsy my darling husband had his way with me.

Get it? It is something to be just a weee bit, I dunno shy about no? Yes, I know I’m an odd ball, me of all people, the girl who admits to laughing at german porn.


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