Week 10

It hasn’t been an easy week and I had a little spotting yesterday and I just hope it’s goes away. I read the pregnancy bible What to Expect When You’re Expecting and they say a lil spotting is normal etc so I have to fight the urge to be one of those women who rings the doctor for every little thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but R’s bad enough as it is 😛

The aim is just to chill this week, maybe get one very light gym session in on Sat. I need a new phone, one stretchy work pair of pants and those waist extension thingies and …. erm… that’s it I hope.  

Food wise, I can’t stand for much of anything cept for pan-toasted cheese sandwich or soup for dinner these days. It’s rather upsetting cos I see chicken, eggs and sweet and sour pork and I’m like… I know they taste so good but yuck, wholemeal with cheese please. R is bringing me out for dinner on Saturday and he just hopes I don’t make a face when dinner comes and refuse it! 😛


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