The day I thought I got my MOJO back

Was at the gym and I was kicking it on the crosstrainer, burnt like 300 cals in less than 35 mins (incl. cool down time) and I was like whoa, I’m back! Gotta get to the gym earlier so I can do MOOOORE cos I’m not tired, I’m not hungry, I’m feeling GREAT! Then I got home and fell asleep during American Idol.

Tomorrow, we have another date with Dr Khi for our Nuchal Translucency Screening Test and the blood test. As much as I can’t wait to see the lil honey bear, bud, peach… whatever you wanna call him or her, I’m not looking forward to the test. It’s important to R and he needs to just know and then he can either deal with it or breathe easy. I just hate when people take blood from me.


2 thoughts on “The day I thought I got my MOJO back

  1. Just drop by to say halloo.. nice bloggie.. shiok to read when im pumping ..

    hope all is well on ur side, i miss my rotting on my bed days, u should start enjoying it …

    aniway y is there a chinese chick on ur bloggie? looks very porn star hahaha

  2. Are you talking about Flicker? it changes everyday… if not you’re the only porn star looking chick on my blog. ahaha

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