Week 11

The update is little late since tomorrow we’re in week 12. We went for the Oscar test on Saturday morning. I woke up with a headache and eventually a cold. Sigh. Anyway, it was great to see the baby again! Because I had Coco Crunch for breakfast the kiddo was doing; what looked like popping  & locking. Tres cute.

We’ll know the results later on today, crosses fingers and hopes for the best. I’m on a week MC since there were blood clots found (not serious) I’m not in pain so I don’t think I need it at all, I’ll take a day off if I need to but other than that, I’d be bored to tears lazying at home. Plus I want to go to the gym and you can’t go to the gym if you’re on MC can ya?

Results – before the test our chances of having a baby with Downs was 1:417, now it’s 1: 6760. Yay, I guess? There’s still tons of things that could go wrong, so to me the test was rather meh but that’s just me.

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