Only Lookin’ at da Ride

Right now, I’m concern about a few things 1. Stretchmarks 2. I hope I don’t have issues breastfeeding 3. That the baby is normal 4. That the baby will love my puppies 5. That I’ll have a clue.

The husband has one single thing (it seems) on his mind…just ONE – What Stroller to get!!?? I mean, I get it, it’s important, it’s gonna be a lil cool, not too expensive and light enough and easy enough for me to use when I’m alone and of course, safe. R’s taken to starring at what he deems are cool, sturdy, happenin’ looking rides…. Then he looks at me and goes “I hope these people know I’m looking at the stroller and not that I think their kid is cute or anything….” AHAHAHAHA. I do love him.


2 thoughts on “Only Lookin’ at da Ride

  1. aiyoo.. trev was exactly the same, strollers!! to them its like getting a new “car” duh…

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