Week 13

I’m wearing maternity jeans today… I can still fit into my regular jeans till I have lunch 🙂 I gotta say I *heart* Old Navy. I especially love their sales and I can get way way way cheaper maternity wear for great prices than here in Singas. It’s just a lil heart wrenching to spend $110 on a pair of pants you get to wear for 3 – 4 months (and hope to never see again for at least 4 years). Plus I like variety (don’t we all?) so cheaper equates to MORE!

So in a month I’ll need the following:-

1. Another pair of jeans… but with wider legs
2. 2 pairs of pants – in black and khaki/ grey
3. 1 more work dress and 1 casual dress
4. at least 2 more work friendly tops
5. A swimsuit
6. Yoga pants? I dunno, I think I can stretch my regular ones till the very end *snigger*

And cos I’ve gone nutters with Polyvore…
Mama Wants


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