Week 14

I’m earlier this week cos I’m gonna be running around on Friday, Saturday & Sunday… yes, if you didn’t notice I like to do the Weekly updates on Fridays if I can.

So anyways, it’s gonna be madness  the rest of March, the great thing is, that I’m not sooo tired I have to nap DURING LUNCH (mostly) at my desk. This weekend is burnt and so is next Friday and even the week after that… ain’t gonna be a walk in the park either.

Nightmares, I’ve been getting them every single night and I wake up with my hands clenched and my nails dug into my palms. Sometimes, that’s the reason I even wake up cos it hurts. Usually, I just get stuck in a bad state trying to claw my way out of whatever nastiness, I have to take a while to slowly unclench my fingers. I don’t remember most of the dreams, just some and they aren’t about the baby…. so I don’t even think it’s normal. Oh and the peeing! I usually never get up to pee at night and these days, I’m lucky when it’s only once a night, if I sleep before midnight I know I’m all set for a 2.30am and 5.55am wake up pee. Poor Axl has to wake up and escort me, Stomper’s passed the job onto him, poor baby but he does it with a sigh and plenty of licks.


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