Month 3 by The Papa

So making baby was easy enough…now what?

Phuket December 15th 2008 (according to Doc), Marie and I did the nasty and bam! I knocked and she got knocked up. Wasn’t romantic (that nasty moment not my writing) but we made new life easily. Many people trying would hate us but frankly, when things come easy to me, I get uncomfortable.

Doc visit…anxiety…Is baby firmly “planted”? Too small couldn’t tell.

Doc visit with a new Doc…anxiety…Will Marie like the new Doc? Is baby firmly “planted”?

Doc visit…anxiety…Marie likes new Doc but is baby ok? Nuchal test, blood test results.

Many many more tests…for Marie I know. She’ll lose quantities of blood and get prodded, I’ll let my mind drain me of life energy as I worry and worry.

Easy for me? I think not.


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