Run Baby Run

I’m getting fat… seriously. My ass is getting flabby, my arms are less tone. Sigh. I know I have to get serious again about exercise or it’s gonna be hard to get back in shape later on.

So I got home early enough yesterday, changed, forgot to drink water (sigh), grabbed the dogs and headed out. It’s been a while since I haven’t done much exercise and my poor legs were in shocked at the weight gain and with Axl not used to running with me, it wasn’t the most fun. I’m glad I still managed to run most of the way, the lungs were fine, the leg weren’t. I was kinda pleased with myself and the puppies and was heading back and then jang jang jang jaaang ants attacked the dogs.  2 dogs in pain begging me for help, I had to sit on the pavement under a light and pull out those nasty black ants that were biting them and then me. I think Axl got it the worst cos he’s black and it was hard to see and get them off him.

I think I’ll just run with Stomper next time and when I get bigger; alone. I just can’t afford to fall right now can I? Today it’s gym time, some cardio and arm & back weights, I’ve worked too hard (kinda) and too long to turn to mush. I wanna be like her…. that’s her a week before she was gonna pop.

Bridget Moyanahan

Bridget Moyanahan


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