Ramble On

Last night I made R help me get creamed up and I was like… look ok, I’m not fat, it’s kinda hard and I have no idea why it’s like that (pointing to my stomach)… cos I think I have a weird belly and I’ve always had issues with my lower abs but my top half has always been for the most part; flat and to see it sticking out like a 5 year old chubby girl is kinda…well… gross. Then R goes, it’s normal, haven’t you ever touched a pregnant belly before? And frankly, I haven’t…and he looks like stunned cos I’ve had two close friends that have been pregnant and I’ve seen things move inside etc but I’ve never had the desire to TOUCH THE BELLY. So anyways, a dude had to tell me I’m normal, I might just carry a lil higher that’s all. Great… there goes my ribcage.

Anyways, I made it to the gym and my thighs were burning from the run so I warmed up on the bike a lil, I tried the crosstrainer and got a cramp on my side. Then did some back exercises which really helped cos I’m been feeling some major tension between my shoulders and some tricep work. I really do miss Pump Class. 

So the point! I was doing the back work and I kinda curled up and my tummy wasn’t looking”quite as amazing”and this dude walks by, lookin’ 5 months pregnant and his tummy is jiggling in his nude coloured old man singlet *gag*,  so I made a face (couldn’t help it) and quickly looked down, he must have seen it and walked pass me again and made a rude face at my belly! So I looked at Allen (who was actually kinda far and had earphones on) and went … I’m pregnant, what’s his F*&$ing excuse? Then gross Mr Nudie Tee Man scurries away. I’m such a mean pregnant woman.

Other than that I have to say I’m glad I have a roomie who’s just given birth not so long ago so I can get questions answered ASAP. I can’t ask my mom cos as far as she’s concerned, pregnancy is easy peasy… stretch marks…what’s that? Bird’s Nest? Really? Exercise? Hmm… I was skinny so I didn’t really bother. Cramps? Never had them like EVER…the woman has never even had period cramps! Pimples… again…what are those? Do you see what I’m getting at? But I’m aware that in general, I’ve had it easy… so don’t hate me, I know… I just like to gripe and I do hate the new way I have to live life. I have to be careful… I’ve never really ever been! Bones heal, cuts only leave tiny scars, all’s good and now…it’s ALL changed. I’m still not used to it… oh well… less than 6 months left to go and I can stop holding on to grubby railings when I run downstairs and watch where I’m tripping.

I’ll stop now and end with… my second only pregnant photo…
Week 14

Do you see what I mean about the odd high belly? And that top is a F21 top and it cost 11USD and I love it.


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