Week 15

The nightmares have stopped, I believe they stopped when I wrote about them, spooky no? I’m feeling less tired and just in general it doesn’t feel like I’m pregnant till I look at my expanding tummy. The gyne’s visit is next Friday and I know that both of us can’t wait… it’s like a monthly peep show.

I have been thinking a lot more these days… about what kinda mother I’ll be. I love LOVE my Mom, but I don’t want to raise my child the way she raised me. My Mom’s pretty innocent and she raised me the way she thought was right (which was I made me own decisions since I was 6) and learnt from mistakes and applied changes to Christian then learnt from there and applied the lessons learnt from both of us to John. When I think back… I could have gotten into loads of trouble, I was just ‘fortunate’ enough to have friends and classmates who made mistakes before I did and I learnt from them!! That being said, life is about making mistakes while you’re still young and can get out of it relatively unscathed right? Sigh. I feel like doing a mission statement, keep myself & R on the right track no matter that life throws at us…. but who reads their company’s mission statements and applies them anyways? 

Mine would be something like this….

  1. To always have self-respect and know one’s self-worth
  2. To always be kind to all animals, reptiles and insects (not including roaches and ants) and those less fortunate
  3. Learn a life skill, enjoy a hobby, love the great outdoors
  4. Read
  5. Know your parents will always have your back (even when they hackle you for being “emo”, a wuss or a nerd)

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