Nasal Exchange

I whine about this nearly everyday cos I’ve been getting a cold nearly every single day. Some days it hits me for just a few hours and besides lotsa sniffs, I generally feel fine… like today. Then there are days where I sit at my desk, sneezing endlessly, a tissue at my nose constantly, light headed and unable to function…. those days I just wanna curl up in a ball and zzzzz. Been trying to limit the cold medication given by the gyne so it never seems to ease up. Like my roomie says… you didn’t get morning or night sickness… you can’t just sail through it you know… POUT!!! Why the hell not!!

Slowly, I’m finding it harder and harder to fit into my regular clothes, so I’m trying my best to use what I can right now. Super sad.

Totally unrelated, seems the birthday celebrations have kicked off, with beef stew and chocolate cake at my parents place last night, kinda early but… woot.


2 thoughts on “Nasal Exchange

  1. Woo.. I had that too, machiam like sinus, all the sneezing runny nose blah.. It was in my 4th month I think.. Stopped at 5 mth then itchy skin, 6 mth heartburn, 7 mth water retention.. every month new prob keke lucky minor minor

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