Yet Another Boob Report

The boobs are attracting way too much attention and I like V necks cos well… it’s flattering, they usually make the boobies look smaller but add a cup size and argh. I know many many woman love it and flaunt it at this stage but to me they’re just too damn rude. Seriously… what good are boobs when attached to a pregnant woman anyways? Add to the fact that their aren’t many any attractive men where I work, it’s just gross. I’ve taken to using a camisole under many clothes but it doesn’t do jack really and it’s a bitch when it’s a hot 33 degrees. It sucks to look at myself in the mirror and wonder what happen to my breast, these boobs aren’t mine, it sometimes makes me wanna cry, I actually start to tear… I know fucksake get over it. It’s still a C but I cringe to think I might just hit doubles!!! Wail!


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Boob Report

  1. I had to go buy one of those bra extender things the other day – I think my teenage flat-chested self would have been very shocked if she knew that!

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