Product Gush

There are three products I can’t help but gush over, I know it’s still early and frankly the stretch marks don’t usually make an appearance till the 7 or 8 month but I love love love the following:-

Clarins Tonic Treatment Oil

The downside is the cost, it’s expensive but I have kind friends and discounts so I have 2 bottles and I *heart* the smell, it makes the room smell like a resort and it feels so nice, not too greasy at all. I use this every other day because I still have more than half a tub of Palmer’s Tummy Butter left (it’s super greasy and I hate the smelly but everyone says it works).

Palmer’s Breast Firming Cream

I like this cos it’s not greasy, for the first 3 months I used the Tummy Butter on my boobs too and let’s just say it wasn’t a great idea. This feels great plus the smell’s not strong.

Palmer’s Stretch Mark Lotion

I got this in Australia, I’m not sure if they have it here but it’s WAYYYY cheaper in Perth. Pity I got only one bottle but I’m asking my Auntie to get me more when she comes to visit. I like it cos it’s not too greasy, so I’ve been using it in the AM and I also like that it has a pump, just makes things less messy and saves me some time… in the morning it’s like the most important thing.

* Still annoyed that Palmers is soooo much cheaper in the US and AU. Grrrr.


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