Week 22

  • I hate iron tablets, they make me wanna puke
  • I really should start watching what I eat, cos I’m starting to get hungry every 2 hours
  • Honey Bear kicks when I have Root Beer, yogurt and spicy stuff
  • I know it’s weird that my favourite person to talk to about baby stuff has lil interest in having her own kids and sneers when a child comes too close but she makes me feel normal (go figure) and I totally appreciate that she doesn’t roll her eyes (and she rolls her eyes A LOT) every time I mention the words: -baby, gyne and boobs. Hugs Wen!
  • I’m starting to get very mild leg cramps at night… very slight & my feet hurt when I’ve had a busy day

I setup my tripod finally and the only blank wall in the house is behind the door in my room… so I managed to get these

I think Im tilting too much

I think I'm tilting too much

Then I grabbed my puppies and got a shot of both of them, feel the love!!

Licks from the Furbabies

Licks from the Furbabies


4 thoughts on “Week 22

  1. – hugshugshugs, babe
    – you are tilting too much
    – loves it; rrrrufff! makes me wanna sqoosh’em!- the puppies not your boobies

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