I tried to go for a jog walk yesterday evening… it wasn’t a great idea. I think I’m just getting too heavy and my legs can’t deal with my weight, my hips were driving nutters after as well…. so fine, I admit defeat. I did have a wonderful week filling with exercise, I’m very proud of myself.

Crosstrainer :: 33 mins, L4, 270 cals, avg HR 140 (my usual was 165)
Lat pull Down:: 15 x 4sets x 25 pounds
Biceps Curls:: 15 x 3sets x 4 kg
Tricep:: 15 x 3sets x 5 pounds
Ab & Ad Thigh Machine:: 20 x 3 sets x 33 pounds
Crosstrainer::  33 mins, L5, 275 cals, avg HR 146
Barbell Curl :: 15x 3setsx 20 pounds (used to do 25 or 30 😦 )
Flyes (chest) :: 12 x 3 sets x can’t remember weight… but ohmygawd these burned!
Swim:: 10 laps
Jog/ Mostly walk:: 2.4km

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