Touch Not

Usually, I don’t like to hold on to things cos usually… they’re gross, sticky, have funny bits on them etc. What happens when you’re pregnant is that you get nagged at to hold on to railings and such and I tell you it takes a lot outta me, I can feel myself cringe and shiver inside. Thanks to the Influenza A virus, I have an excuse to keep my hands to myself.

Yesterday, I was on MC because of the bad cold I had on Monday which left me feeling wrecked. The doctor was a hoot, all covered up and he stood so far away from me while trying to look down my throat… like why bother? And he couldn’t tell that I was pregnant … sigh… I know I didn’t just look fat. Anyways, I could tell how nervous he was in general and it rubbed off,  all I wanted to do was get the hell outta his office! This morning I woke up to pee noticed I got a very swollen right eye (think it’s going down, I can now open it) and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A DOCTOR cos if they’re THAT nervous, I don’t wanna be anywhere near them either.


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