Week 23

Next week we’ll be in our 6th month. I have to admit I cannot wait to see her but part if me kinda likes being able to keep her all safe and sound and feeling her move around in me.

I’m not one of those people who’ve always wanted children, in general, I don’t like children… there, I said it, I usually can’t stand them. I do dread the kiddy birthday parties, screaming kids, puke, grabby hands… shudder. I know I’ll love my child like I love my nephews & niece and I like my friend’s kids but I don’t see the need to like other children, I’m horrible and I know it.

However, I like biology and I love everything that’s going on inside me; how the cells change, how her spine grew, how each cell was giving a task and formed part of her body, how now she’s all covered in fuzz, the fact that she can taste already etc… all that excites me. I love feeling her move inside me and it’s amazing how this is all happening, I do hope my placenta moves up so I can experience natural childbirth and not have to be sliced open 😦 but while I never wanted children, I always wanted to know what being pregnant and giving birth is like. Of course along the way, a slight maternal sense kicks in (like finally)!


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