Cramping Ma Style

Second hardcore leg cramp this morning. Maybe it was my fault for not stretching after a 3km walk with the dogs but… ouch. I woke up at round 4 am and was gonna get outta bed to pee and whoa… leg cramp, it was so tight and painful, I had to wake the husband up to help me, which was kinda funny cos at first he thought he’d kicked me again. Then he jumped outta bed and turned on the lights, Axl jumps on the bed and both dogs were trying to lick me to calm me down or something and I was yelling “ouch ouch ouch”. Then R asks “which leg?” and I know I always get mixed up but still!! I’m squealing “right leg” and he’s holding my left and I’m like “no no.. right!!” and he’s still holding my left… so I go “argh… the other leg”. Sigh. Then sweet relief. It still aches a little now.


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