Week 24

For some reason I’m extremely tired these few days, every few weeks I get really tired for 3-4 days and then I return to normal, like Honey Bear’s growth spurts drain me… which when you think about it; makes sense.

Last night was running towards the lift because the husband & I were back at the same time, he kept laughing cos he said I looked like the Ribena berry running in my fuchsia top. Grrrr. Anyways, I’ve heard so many comments, I’m round being the most popular and compact…. I don’t think I’m that big but given that I don’t have a long body,  my height is only thanks to my legs… maybe that’s why. The other disturbing thing is my belly button, it’s getting gross, like it’s gonna pop and I know I’m gonna have a shock when it does… now it looks a little like a milk-chocolate starfish (get it? if not click here but it’s …well, rude, you’ve been warned).

Now I can’t wait for my swimsuit to come from Old Navy and I ordered more baby stuff. Once I get that order, I’ll post some pictures of the cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness… 🙂24 weeks









2 thoughts on “Week 24

  1. In my case, it’s Baby – 1; Belly Button – 0 since more than a month ago. Popped out WEEKS ago and even now it’s STILL pushing out.

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