Week 25

Me and Lil Miz Fatty. So I know I put on a lot of weight, I was steady up to my birthday putting on only the required and then… I put on a 3.5kg according to the doctor. I’m hungry all the time and crave chocolates and carbs!! People kept telling me it’s normal but it’s not and Honey Bear is starting to look like well… a bear and it’s all my fault…oops. I exercise so I that can eat mostly what I want and I didn’t feel fat or anything till I saw my weight gain and during the ultrasound … my lil girl was a big belly and me exercising is doing nothing for her. I can’t put on anymore weight at my next checkup.

So we’ve got to go on a diet… starting Monday (of course). I just had a Carls Jr burger and milkshake and it rocked my socks, in my defence; I did go to the gym this morning 😛

Other than that, all is fine but she took awful photos this time round, hand in the front of her face and across it. I guess no one likes looking fat in pictures.

P/S: Axl is a.okay after removing his balls, I expected him to be all poor thing and whiny but he was back to normal cept’ for the cone and the ugly shave job.

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