Been reading LJ, the pregnant and aug 09 babies communities because well.. I’m not Chinese, I’m Asian but I’m not built like an average Chinese girl and I love milk and I hate reading about how little weight they wanna put on and how milk taste gross and how fat, fat, fat, durian ,sale, spree, sale, sale, sale, durian… it’s like the same thing different day. It got mundane fast. Plus ohmygawd the English, now my English, I’m shamed to say is hardly A1 but really!! You’re having a GIRL not a GER and GAL is ok but it’s just one more letter… GIRL, come on!! It gives me a headache just trying to decipher what they’re going on about, somedays I just give up. I’m not saying it’s pointless, sale information is of utmost importance but it was driving me nuts.

Anyways, I digress. I’m online and I’m reading about how this girl is single and pregnant and her boyfriend already has another girlfriend who he already wants to marry (I know WHAT?!) and she wants to tell him but she doesn’t want to get back with him and she doesn’t want the other lady involved. Ok, very drama but real. She was asking how the pregnant single women cope. So I read the stories while most have strength, it’s soo very very sad. Then I got my leg cramp and it was so bad I could not get up and stretch my leg, R was just next to me to smack and ask for help and I remember thinking… imagine if I was having this baby alone. I mean in Singapore, if you were pregnant and left your husband/boyfriend, more often than not, you’d move back in with your parents but what if you were truly alone, staying on your own and pregnant…. it’s so scary. Sure,  you don’t need a man but some days having someone around to help you off the sofa is just necessary.

I’m not sure what the point of this post is but it just made me think that’s all.


2 thoughts on “Ponder

  1. oh ya the yinrish is very powderful in the forum..

    i had a hard time reading when i first started, keep on reading things like “le, de” (scratchs head) finally realized it was chinese!! i mean singlish was already bad, they added sprinkles of chinese too..

    but after a while, it just became part of the lingo *signs*.. i was surprised when i met the mummies and had lawyers n teachers in my thread..

  2. Yeah, I realised there are teachers in there for sure… I have great expectations for our daughters education in the future. Sianz. heh heh heh.

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