Week 26

Honey bear loves kicking in the late morning & afternoon and is sooo quiet at night. Poor R, still begging :). It’s been hard trying to control my food intake, I’m always hungry, have switch to mostly low fat milk and no more snickers bars. Anyways, here’s a blur picture of Lil Ms Fatty.

No peektures please!

No peektures please!

Let’s see what else, I think I’m starting to get more stressed about where in the world I’m going to put her in the room and how we’re gonna fit all her things in. Deep breath, I shall deal with it after mid July, that’s when I aim on getting everything sorted, cot, changing table with drawer space. 5 living things in a single room, love will be the only thing that keeps me sane!

One thought on “Week 26

  1. she looks like she’s got her middle finger up. i bet we can find a similar picture of you with that gesture.

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