Kick for Daddy

The husband talks to Honey Bear every night just before we go to sleep… we really should be listening to the Baby Mozart CD I got but it’s hard when you’re a Britney/ Metallica fan. Anyway, we’ve been at this for 2 weeks and he always goes “Kick for Daddy PLEEEEAAASEEEE” 😛 but she’s usually quiet at night. Last night, 2 seconds after hearing his voice at my tummy, she kicked twice for him. Awww.

I have to get nursery rhymes off the Internet cos the husband and I are totally useless. My favourite is This Lil Piggy and the one my Mom came up with for my youngest brother.

My name is John Andrew
I drew and drew and drew
That’s why my name is John Andrew.

It made him giggle everytime.


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