Week 27

One more week till I hit the final stretch (3rd trimester) and I have to admit I’m feeling it. When I take the dogs for a long brisk walk, my ankles hurt a wee bit. While sleeping, I have to make sure that I change positions at night, no matter how hard it is because if not, my hips are sore for a good part of the morning. My toes sometimes look like tiny sausages and I know I’ll be bidding my ankles Auf Wiedersehen. Plus, I’m starting to sweat more and Allen was talking about chubby girls and I got very upset. Sigh.

I’m on the lookout for stretchmarks and I use my hand cream when ma belly gets itchy in the office.

Now for the Watermelon Smuggler shot… I gotta say, it is freaking me out how bloody huge I’m getting.
27 weeks


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