About a Girl

I’ve noticed this and it makes me a little sad. Since I’m now huge and very obviously pregnant, I get the usual, ooo you’re so big. Ok…really, I’m NOT, I think in the natural scheme of things I’m pretty average. Then they go, you’re so round… I don’t really know how else a pregnant lady is suppose to look? Square? Pointy? Uh?

But this..  this is the sad part. Is it a boy or a girl? So I grin and go GIRL! Most faces fall. WTF? Most of these people are women, seriously? You don’t think your own gender is good enough? Then I go, I want a girl and they go “Oh okay, will you have a second one?” Argh. When I did dream about a child… not wanting one just you know, a dream and in the dream you just happen to have a kid… it’s always been a girl. I don’t know why, it just has. Boy or girl, it frankly didn’t matter to me but in the grand scheme of things if I were to have 2 kids, I’d like a girl first and I’m happy that’s what I got. I think it’s dreadful when women make that face like our own gender is just not good enough. Sigh.


3 thoughts on “About a Girl

  1. I get the ‘You’re HUGEEE’ a lot. I used to get very affected by it but then when I see other pregger women further along from me, I think I’m just about on the right track.

    Just know you’re the perfect size. Don’t let anyone tell u otherwise.

    What’s wrong with little girls? GRRR, people say the dumbest things sometimes!

    Funny how mothers somehow just innately KNOW the sex of the baby huh. Right from the beginning, I’ve always thought I’m carrying a boy too (and in my case, I prefer the first child to be a boy) 🙂

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