28 Weeks

One day this blog might be read by more than 10 people and I want it to be just a tiny bit helpful 🙂 so for this week, I have lists, don’t we all love lists?

The changes:

1. Starting to feel a lil more tired again, can’t stay awake past 11pm
2. Ankles hurt but the swelling is under control, just more water, walks, keep feet up
3. Sometimes the belly gets itchy. Cool showers and lotsa body butter
4. Kinda hungry, all the time and then feel soooo full after I eat (esp after fruit).. like I’m gonna explode
5. Trying to remind myself to do my Kegels more often

The funny:

1. Since this has happen more than once, I’ve decide  to share. I have a sensitive nose, colds/ stuffed up, yet running nose, it is my weakness and I have been getting colds more often since getting pregnant. After a really really bad sneezing frenzy, I’ve peed myself. Yes… I have  and more than once. Enough  to have to go wash up and change my undies. A few months back I started using panty liners every day at work (pls remember  to change often, the last thing anyone needs is an infection) and I haven’t had accidents, no matter how much I laugh… but the sneezing at home gets to me. Sigh.
2. Related to the peeing myself, in my defence, I do my Kegels but like once a day.  I don’t know why but doing them makes me feel like I’m gonna get some or have an orgasm so I can’t do them in public cos I always have a silly smile on my face. Sigh. I know I might be totally alone on this one.

The Baby

1. Reading books and websites and realised she’s 16.5 inches!! That’s 41.9cm. That’s longer than your long ruler!  Poor baby is squashed!! She should be around 20 inches, 50.8 cm at birth. Whoa.
2. Less flutter kicks, more hard kicks and squirms that make my whole belly move.  The problem is that she favours the same place under my ribs on my left side and it’s become a lil sore.

Ok that’s pretty much all I have this week.

My belly shot, I wore a dress yesterday, without the cardie I looked like I might be wearing a tent.. but it was soooo comfy. I usually wear this dress as a skirt by the way.

28 weeks


One thought on “28 Weeks

  1. Girl, wassup with the talk about kegels orgasms and pee-ing yourself! Some things should be kept to the self. :-p

    Cos of that… I understand the the reasoning for your bro not wanting to read this blog (ref: next entry)

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