• I worry that I might not know how to love my child the way I love my dogs. I really love my dogs and I know how to love animals, it’s second nature to me and I kinda know it’s silly but still…. some days I look at my belly and I haven’t a clue what to expect and I get breathless.
  • Sometimes I over do it and I ache all over. Like this weekend. I could feel my body want to turn into a lump of lard. There was gym and lotsa walking on Sat and a swim and lotsa walking on Sunday and then all of the sudden I found it hard to take another step. Perhaps it’s time to slow down a wee bit or remember to hydrate oneself.
  • I can’t fit into regular pants anymore, Tri 2 can’t button them, Tri 3 can’t even zip them up half way. I is sad.
  • I couldn’t wait to get outta bed this morning because my sides hurt so bad. I slept on my back and I don’t think Honey Bear liked it much because she kept kicking and kicking hard! I thought I was just dreaming it… then I woke up, gave in and turned. Ouch.
  • There are days when I wish I didn’t have to work already because I have nothing to wear.
  • I dread the day I can’t use my wedding ring anymore. Every morning I slip it on and it’s a relief that it goes on easy but I need soap and water to take it off. I have a new found love for my gross veiny feet because there are evenings when I don’t see the veins and I know my feet are swollen. Even then, at the prenatal class the lady on my right, her feet were so darn swollen, I actually wanted to put her feet on my lap or something!! I hope my feet never look like that ever!
  • I can still paint my toenails. 🙂

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