Week 29

I was dreading yesterday’s visit to the gyne, I had to take my glucose test and I hate fasting and drawing blood plus we were stuck in traffic for an hour! The drink was wayyyy too sweet, I’m just thankful it’s served cold and with a straw. We also took a tour of TMC to waste an hour, I gotta say it was better conducted than the tour at Mt A. However, unless  you have loads of money to spend on their Suites, their 2 bedder was blah, so I think we’ll stick with Mt A. The husband, of course, like during our holidays, wants, as nice a room as we can afford but seriously, for 2 or 3 days and it makes the doctor’s bill go way up, no thanks! We’re always at logger heads when it comes to rooms, I’m spoiled but not that spoilt and since I don’t need him to stay over, I don’t see the point plus I rather use the money for our own place.

Anyways, the baby is doing fine, she’s all legs and still a lil big, about the size of a 31 week baby instead of 29 weeks but it’s ok. Doctor’s guess is that she’ll be between 3.5 to 4 kg at birth which I think is perfect, the husband of course when on and on about fat babies and my diet *rolls eyes and adds a finger*. I’ve gained the required amount and will still keep away from durians, snickers and will limit late night carbs. Oh and I don’t have to take the Anmum (and the like) cos it’s got too much carbs! Yay.

So here’s Honey Bear, she’s already in the correct position to pop but my placenta is still blocking *sigh*. Crosses fingers. The fact that she is my child… I’m betting she’ll turn a few weeks before she’s due just because and freak everyone out and then turn back in the nick of time.
Baby 29 weeks 2 days

UPDATE 22/6: Blood sugar as I expected is normal. Hmph. “Told ya so husband!!”


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