Much to talk about

It’s been a slightly busy week and I think that’s always good.

The weekend past, the husband & I did some serious shopping, all I wanted to get was; somewhere for Honey Bear to rest her head and I had decided on the Graco Pack & Play Yard with the Bassinet and we’d get a proper cot when we move. We ended up with a Maxi Cosi Infant to Toddler car seat & a matching Peg Pergo stroller in one of my favourite colours! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Along with the mattress for the bassinet, pee pads, a packet of newborn pampers, a sleep outfit, detergent for her clothes and another for her nappies and wet wipes for the dogs :). All from Kaki Bukit.

I know we still have loads to buy but at least I’m not in panic mode anymore. I need sheets to fit the smaller mattress, 2 sets which don’t have Mickey Mouse and especially not Pooh Bear and if possible nothing in total pink and blue…oh and 100% cotton, glass bottles, nail clippers and brushes, soap, etc etc etc. Argh. I’ve also been asked by the MIL to curb my spending on clothes *hangs head in shame*. Gotta go over  to the SIL’s place to get some clothes from the boys, I’m thinking jeans and home-wear stuff.   

Anyways, after hours of looking at baby stuff and cringing at the price or how ugly things can be, we visited my folks, had satay, met Stef for a bit and started to feel really heavy by then! That’s how it is now, when I get tired, I feel heavy. Then R decides that he wants to setup the playpen to make sure everything is working, so I help and I help a lot, cos I’m good with setting things up but hate reading instructions! Finally slept at 1am! On Sunday, went for a swim with Wen & Ann and then because I promised Stomper liver treats for her b’day, I made them. WHAT A WEEKEND!!

Looking forward to this weekend, Stomper’s b’day tmr…and I need to make her & Chutney’s cake!! My last gym session, a little play date with the dogs to celebrate. I shall rest on Sunday.

We made this…
loves the colour


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