Week 30

Week 30 and I’ve learnt that I have to slow down. Blah. It’s starting to feel a lil like the first trimester again, where I’m needing naps during lunch time and can’t stay awake as late as I want to. I look at my belly and can’t believe it has to get bigger!! Plus I have this pain… yeah, no longer an ache, pain when I bend forward especially in the evenings when the body is more tired, couldn’t even pick up the dog’s poop last night, I needed to knee! Argh.

The Honey Bear has been ok, I think. So far, she kicks, moves, shoves and hiccups but she’s been kind and quiet so far at night or maybe I’m just too tired to notice.  We’ve been listening to classical music every night and R has been trying to sing nursery rhymes but we suck at it, we can’t remember much and end up giggling instead.

I also got more stuff from Gap and Motherhood. I looked at my nursing bras (bought 5 – 2 for sleeping, 2 sports aka more support and 1 with under-wire) and …ew, so fug, so biggggg what have I done! Then I try them on and they mostly fit with room for a size up and I  think that just made me more depressed! On the upside I like my tops from Gap, so very nice and my dress for the hospital is alright too, now I just need to get one more. I wish I could pack my bag for the hospital already, I wish I was 9 months along, I wanna see my lil bear already, I hate waiting!! August come already!

First gift for Honey Bear, it smells sooo good and it’s from the boss.


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