A short post to the baby….

Your Mom really loves rock concerts, she’s seriously bummed she’s gonna miss Nine Inch Nails in August but understands that it’s in your best interest that you don’t get slammed into, not exposed to loud music (although at the volume your Dad watches TV, there’s very little difference) and frankly it’s just way too close to your due date. Anyway, as far as she’s concern it’s bloody amazing that Trent Reznor is performing in Singapore because when she was a brooding, metal loving teen, she would never have thought the day would come when she might actually be able to watch NIN in Singapore. This country has come a LONG way. She’ll instead go look for one of her favourite albums Pretty Hate Machine and listen to it softly on 10 Aug 2009 and wonder why she wrote this entire post as a 3rd person.

Just remember this when your parents say no and ignore your begging to watch some disgusting boyband or emo crap or whatever will be deemed hip and happening in 16 years time, your mother have up NIN (and according to reports this will be his last tour) and other rock concerts for you as well.

Your taste in music defines your character, your Dad who will laugh and laugh when he reads this, will understand. Rock never dies my lil one and neither will Britney Spears (it’s a charming glitch, gimme a break).


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