Knocked Up

I’m starting to feel really heavy and my hips have gotten wider, my regular pants can’t fit at all finally so I’m left with 2 preggie pants, yoga pants and 2 jeans (one I got from ON and the other Flo lent me [bless her]). I walk up the stairs every morning to my office and it actually leaves me breathless, it feels like 5 flights instead of 1.5! I couldn’t get my last gym session in because I was finding it harder to breathe and couldn’t imagine getting on the cross-trainer, so I got myself a pedicure instead *yay* while the husband worked up a sweat. I couldn’t swim cos my left inner hip joint hurts, so I walked in the pool! I need to borrow a board from Wen if it keeps hurting.

I’m not liking this third trimester so much. I have to work from home next week and frankly I’m not looking forward to it. I did the work from home thing for 2.5 years and I had my ‘office’ in the study room, my mom was hardly home, some days it was nice but usually it was boring and very lonely. I’ve been ordered to work from home for the next 3 weeks and it really depends on the situation with this H1N1 flu, if I get to come back before going on maternity leave. Again, I know I should be happy cos I’ve been feeling really tired and this cuts out travel time hence more zzz time but I can’t help feeling pointless, useless and I don’t want people resenting me. Argh.

My tummy was all wonky last night and hurting but not badly maybe it was the braxton hicks, wasn’t pleasant. I turned to look at the husband and said “I can’t believe I let you knock me up!” Times like these I just don’t understand how any woman wants to have more than one child, do they not remember the aches, puking, bloat, indigestion, discomfort and later on the pain?!! Is it time or the baby smell that makes a woman forget?


2 thoughts on “Knocked Up

  1. yeah, and the smell of pee, poop and formula vomit/ breath

    If you become one of those women with the “your time will come and you’ll see” looks… (I only have lurve for you but) I’ll smack you.

  2. Come on.. me? vindictive? Noooo….

    It’ll be either…

    1. Don’t do it Wen, save yourself
    2. or it’s not that bad, it’s like owning a puppy 😛

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