Week 31

Everyday seems to feel the same. By 4pm, that odd pain in my belly comes back and gets worse and worse. By 7.30pm, I’m in hell while walking the dogs. By 8.30pm, I really need to sit down. Even while shopping with Wendy yesterday by 8.30pm, I was done. Sigh. So perhaps the 2 weeks of working from home is a very very good thing, I hope with enough rest that the pain will completely go away and at least I can get some exercise in the AM when frankly, I still feel “not so pregnant”.

The baby, I believe is very fine, she kicks all the time and sometimes hard enough for me to make a face and be one of those Moms who have to rub their tummies. It hurts and sometimes the foot just kinda stays there, it needs a good rubbing before she removes her foot from my ribs.

Last night, R decided to talk to a naked belly and the dogs wanted to give the Honey Bear some loving as well, so I had a stubbly chin on my left and 2 dogs licking my belly, I wish my camera was nearby, it would have made a darling shot but I was too busy laughing because it tickled so.

Ok… peektures, me thinks I need to stick to black, I look bloody huge!
Week 31Front View_31

@31 weeks 3 days


3 thoughts on “Week 31

  1. pls lar.. where got huge? still looking hot…

    (its like the last time when i was at ur place n i said im fat n u where like 8.8 ..)

  2. I know it’s hard to believe it at this stage (coz I don’t believe it my hippo self) but really, you look wonderful, buzzy and radiant 🙂

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