Week 32

I’m finally 8 months! Still left with 6 to 10 weeks. I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs. Went to see Dr Khi and R asked if the baby had a big head, she doesn’t and if she did it would be thanks to him! Placenta is still too low but there is hope.

This morning Liam came over and R said I should spend sometime with him. He likes to get the spray bottle and spray some water at the plants, yawn, so I took it from him and sprayed some water into Axl’s mouth instead. Of course the first 5 minutes was fun and even Axl thought so (Stomper not so much) then it just gets annoying so Liam got a scolding from the grandparents. Oops. Times like these I wonder why did I ever think I’d make good Mummy Material? I’m the cool, naughty Aunt, the Older Cousin who teaches all the lil ones how to have fun and not get caught, I teach babies how to say ASS, wink and stick out their tongues.  Blah.


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