Cord Blood Banking

So we’ve finally settled for StemCord. Yes, we’re a little behind time but when you’re forking out 850 bucks, people give you a break. I really wanted to donate to the public cord banking but the fact that our baby is a blend of at least 6 different races, even the doctor agreed that we should bank her cord blood privately.

I guess if you’re not keen on spending money that way, I’m totally on the same page but I’d definitely donate it, pointless wasting something so precious and painless.


6 thoughts on “Cord Blood Banking

  1. I wished I donated 4 yrs ago….wrong info given…pissed with the nurse who gave us the info. Could have save a life….well….if there is a next time, I will!!!!

  2. Be sure you’ve checked out the unmentioned annual storage fees. this brings the total close to $3000! Check out pricing chart on and you can compare who does and who doesnt.

  3. hmm.. ours was like urs too.. no unhidden costs.. (yet!)

    y urs 850 mine 900? chey, got get further discount? or was it 850 after referral fees? blur now

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