Week 33

Insomnia kicked in this week, I’ve only once before suffered badly from it and all I need was to go for a run at 3am to cure it. Of course, this time round there was no way in hell. So I surfed the net for cooking ideas, watched TV, had something small to eat and 3am… still not tired. Out comes the hubby with both dogs because Axl refused to sleep without me. 4.30am and I’m still awake and trying to read with a torch between my boobs and a book on my tummy…. but the Honey Bear was just not pleased, I don’t think she like the bright light shining in. At 5am I gave up and tried to meditate, feel the tension level your toes, feel you fingers relax, OUCH a huge kick, feel your calves, OUCH. Argh! I think I finally drifted off at 5.3oam. Woke up at 7.30am. Tried to get some sleep later, a grand 45 mins. This is only the second day I’m actually happy to be working from home :P.

Thanks goodness the husband was kind enough to bring me to Ikea & Giant after work. I wanted to go earlier but admit I was worried I might fall over. I did get a light to read from Ikea and a plastic temporary plastic drawer system for the baby from Giant. Yay.

I really should take a picture… soon, I promise.


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