Week 35

I think I need to  go on a diet again (self-imposed), I hate how heavy I’m getting but I’ve developed this awful addiction to soda! A mix of just making food taste better and the fact that no one can tell if I’m getting fat :P. So I’ve decided that for the next two weeks I’m cutting all sodas out… cept’ for the once a week Coke Zero and 100 Plus… addictions, I have them.

So we went to see Dr Khi yesterday, Honey Bear’s fine… there’s a reason why she’s called Honey Bear… she’s got quite the belly on her, another reason for the diet. Fluid is fine, her heartbeat is strong, she kicks, tickles, jabs. However, my placenta is still low, it’s 2.7cm and it needs to be 4cm, hence I need to be mentally prepared for a c-section. I’m disappointed but I haven’t given up hope just yet. Nothing against c-sections, I just wanted my birth process to be totally natural, you know let the body do what it’s suppose to. Plus it’s such a long recovery process, the GE 5km is so out, I shall not even bother to register (plus the sponsor is FILA this year, yuck).

Anyways, we did get our diaper bag from Allerhand, the new range, very nice, simple, black backpack (for R to carry around *snigger*) it wasn’t cheap… nothing about babies are I suppose. I have a list of things we must get by the end of next week and we’re set. I wanted to get Burt’s Bee products but it’s still too expensive in Singapore (hint* hint* Ann).

I’ll end with how I feel… my pelvis area in general since 2 nights ago kinda aches once it hits 10.30pm, I think the weight and the pressure, by late night the body is like I’ve had enough. So by 11, I waddle to turn off the lights, go to the loo, get water, get the dogs sorted etc etc. The trick is never to feel sorry for yourself, complain sure, make the husband feel like an arse for putting you in this position… duh but I always tell myself that “if women in other parts of the world can carry on farming while heavily pregnant, how lucky am I?!” Who am I to bitch and how dare I feel sorry for myself while I sit in the comfort of an air-conditioned room with my feet on a small stool. That thought alone has kept me going since the day one.

Note: of course I had Ginger Beer with Subway for lunch, I have no self control.


2 thoughts on “Week 35

  1. I find myself craving for Coke all day long too which is really odd because I never touch that stuff – I think I have a junk food baby on my hands 😉

    Any day now – how exciting!!!

  2. I think all pregnant women at some point have a thing for Coke. 😛
    How’s it been going so far? Have you packed your bags?

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