Week 36

I admit that this pregnancy has kinda flown by, it feels like just awhile ago the husband and myself looked at a stick, a very faint line and went… ohmygawd! No no no no no, we’re we suppose to climb a mountain and he was supposed to get moving with his diving …. plans plans plans. Now we just can’t wait to meet her! It’s funny how things change, we still wanna climb that mountain, dive and wakeboard just that now, there’s be a daring little girl coming along for the ride, how fun.

BUT… I’m mostly a grumpus at night, seriously if you’ve put on 35 pounds and it’s pretty much hanging down the front of you.. trust me it takes it’s toll, especially at night. You want to lie down but it leaves you breathless after 5 mins, you turn to one side and your hip/butt starts to ache after 30 mins and flipping causes you to grunt and sigh like a fat old lady. Even with the air-con on I don’t want the husband to touch me because it’s HOT.

Me: Thanks for getting the ah balling and the duck rice baby
R: Love me?
Me: Very much
R: **Stokes my back**
Me: Ok, now stop touching me

It was soooo hot last night wasn’t it? ahahaha. My poor husband, I’m sure sometimes he feels like he’s dealing with a pregnant man.

One thought on “Week 36

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