A Boring Post About Walking

I hate how husbands should “take their wives for walks” while she’s pregnant. I can walk myself thankyouverymuch. I love my walks, especially my walks with the puppies. In general I have 3 different types of walks:-

Short, usually 9.30pm walks – these take 20/30  mins and include the park, so I don’t walk all that much. It  helps when I’m tired but I feel the dogs should be off their leashes for a bit everyday.

Short but a solid 30 min walk for me – so this includes the park but first I get about 20-30 mins of exercise. Usually helps when I have slightly swollen feet. The usual.

Long, gotta wear proper shoes kinda walk – so this is a totally different route, it’s takes between 45 mins to an hour (cos I’m slower now), I sweat like I’ve been running, no matter how swollen my feet are, this route fixes the swelling, I always wish I brought along water, R almost always comes along (I think he worries I might go into labour or something) or meets us half way (he goes for his run first) and the dogs truly get a workout. I do this route twice a week. It’s my old short running route so about 3km. I do miss running so…

Anyways, yeah… walks are the best exercise at this point. I love to swim too because just for awhile I don’t feel like a baby elephant.


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