Week 38

Less than 2 weeks to the due date, I haven’t had any signs, no mucus plugs, no show, no Braxton Hicks (that I know of) but on Wednesday night I did have a little scare. I had Black Chicken Herbal Soup with my dinner and I guess it was too heaty for me cos my body went nutters. I started sweating and my belly started to hurt, R wasn’t home and I was questioning if I was having contractions… I have no idea what they feel like right? After about 20 mins and a glass of water I felt good enough to take the dogs for a walk, figured if I could do that then I’m all good. Got home got ready for bed and oh my, boy was I thirsty!! Woke up at 1.30am again sweating and gulped down a glass of water and finally went back to sleep. I need to get some barley or coconut juice ASAP.

Later today I head to Dr Khi’s office and we make up our minds on how we move forward. For now a lil picture of cuteness… I’ve spent wayyyyyyy to much moolah on clothes but I love it.

Itty Bitty Clothes


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